May 7 2020

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Celebrating CSUN’s Distinguished Alumni

Summer classes available online or on campus

Africana Studies Golden Anniversary

Student-Run Label In Search of Music’s Next Hit

CSUN Popular Choice for LAUSD Seniors

The Soraya Celebrates Violins of Hope

Retaining Male Teachers of Color

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Statement from CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison on New Zealand Terror Attacks

On behalf of California State University, Northridge, our hearts, thoughts and condolences are with the victims, survivors, first responders, friends and family, and the global Muslim community affected by Friday’s horrific mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. Terror attacks like this have become heartbreakingly common and are a reminder of the need to remain vigilant in our opposition to hate and to treasure our loved ones.

CSUN Names New Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

California State University, Northridge President Dianne F. Harrison today announced the appointment of Mary Beth Walker, interim president at Georgia Gwinnett College and associate provost for strategic initiatives and innovation at Georgia State University, as CSUN’s provost and vice president for academic affairs beginning July 1. Continue reading about CSUN’s new Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students Now Eligible to Use Pell Grants For Summer Courses

As the end of the school year approaches, CSUN students may enroll in summer courses to get ahead — or catch up — in their progress toward graduation. This year, you may be eligible for a Pell Grant in the summer if you’re enrolled in at least six units for summer, or if you have received a Pell Grant for fall or spring semesters. Continue reading about Pell Grants For Summer Courses.

How Invasive Plant Life Thrive in Droughts and Displace Native Species

From shrinking glaciers to extreme heat waves to droughts and invasive plant species, global climate change is not only having a damaging effect on the environment, it’s also costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars. Continue reading about Invasive Plant Life.

The Dealmaker: Alumnus and Investment Banker Michael Kramer Shares His Journey

When Southern California native Mike Kramer ’90 (Finance) first set foot on Wall Street in 1994, he was shocked to see that it was nothing like the soaring, imposing skyscraper temple he’d seen in movies and TV. The fabled street in the oldest settled section of Manhattan is a narrow, dark alley. Continue reading about Alumnus and Investment Banker Michael Kramer.

Alumnus Bryan Green: Doing As He Sees Fit

Some might describe California State University, Northridge alumnus Bryan Green ’94 (Marketing) as a “born negotiator.” At the tender age of 9, the future president and CEO of Advantage Fitness Products (AFP) was inspired to create his own employment opportunity. Continue reading about CSUN alumnus Bryan Green.

Woman of the Year for the 18th Senate District

California State University, Northridge President Dianne F. Harrison has been named Woman of the Year for the state’s 18th Senate District by Sen. Robert Hertzberg. Continue reading about CSUN’s President Dianne F. Harrison.


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