May 7 2020

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CENTURY 21 Darfus Realty

Committed to service


As a member of the CENTURY 21 Darfus Realty team, I am here to help you buy or sell a home.

I am serving in the below areas.

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Meet the CENTURY 21 Darfus Realty Team

Customer Testimonial | Sandy Adair

This was the easiest, non problem transaction I’ve ever done. Everything was in place and done for me, with professionalism and confidence, and ease. Totally smooth no hiccups. Quick and easy and painless. Follow ups and phone calls and texts were made to me keeping me updated with no lapse in communication with me! A plus not a single complaint! Can’t say enough! Sandy Adair did and excellent job at selling my house!

Unbelievable job! Excellent skills and professionalism! Sandy was very calm and reassuring! Knew what she was doing! A plus!

Customer Testimonial | Naomi Phillips

Naomi was absolutely amazing through the whole process! She worked with us through all hours of the night just to make sure we knew what we needed to know and answered every single question we had with the best of her knowledge and if she didn’t know the answer she would contact someone to figure it out! She was extremely personal and polite! I was EXTREMLY lucky to have Naomi help me through buying my first house! I seriously can’t thank her enough! I would recommend Naomi fro literally anyone!

Customer Testimonial | Gregory Darfus

Greg was extremely patient, professional, and helpful during a long search for just the right property.

Customer Testimonial | MELISSA FRANK

She was/is an excellent real estate agent. She will be on your side the entire way.

Customer Testimonial | Jennifer Thompson

I was referred to Jennifer through a third party agent finding service. She was very polite and friendly off the bat and made me feel very comfortable with my unique situation and she took me seriously from the very beginning and that was huge for me!

Jennifer handled all of the little details and the huge ones, she gave me recommendations for everything but left the decision up to me and didn’t try to pressure me into anything, including what inspector to go through

I have heard so many horror stories about buying a house and honestly I did not know what I was getting myself into and I was scared. Jennifer spelled out each step for me and helped me when I was freaking out about things and getting nervous. I don’t have a single horror story about my experience and I like to think that is because of the amazing people I had on my team.

Jennifer has even helped me out with things since closing with little questions that I have had and truly, she and my mortgage officer went above and beyond for me.


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