Mar 25 2020

The Big Aussie Swap Party – National Recycling Week, the planet hosting.

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The planet hostingNational Recycling Week

The planet hosting

The planet hosting


The Big Aussie Swap Party

The planet hosting

Who doesn’t like getting new stuff? But increasingly we, as individuals and as a community, are becoming aware of the environmental and financial impact of a throw-away culture.

National Recycling Week aims to help everyone get new stuff . without it costing the earth.

How does a Swap Party work?

Check out our ‘Swap Party Guide’ video below. At a Swap Party you bring along good quality items you no longer want. Exchange each item for a token. Then exchange the token for an item brought along by someone else.

It’s fun, free and has a strong, positive environmental benefit. By diverting items from landfill, and avoiding buying something new, you save water, resources and reduce emissions.

Find an event

Every year, there will be scores of Swap Parties around the country, hosted by councils, schools, workplaces and individuals like you as part of the Big Aussie Swap. Our Events page remains open year-round, so check it out to look for upcoming Swap Party, or hold your own!

Host Your Own Swap

Why not be part of the Big Aussie Swap and organise your own Swap with friends, your book club or sports group? Check out our guide to Hosting Your Own Swap Party, along with swap tokens, an adaptable invitation, event signage and swap rules.

From Crop to Swap

What really goes into making the clothes we wear? Does swapping really help the environment? To find out, watch this video of the journey of a pair of jeans from crop to swap. Narrated by Melissa Doyle.

Connect with the Big Aussie Swap community on and (#NationalRecyclingWeek).

Big Aussie Swap Guide 2017

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