Mar 23 2020

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The Stelligent Approach to AWS DevOps Automation

The quest to find more time to innovate is helping drive the adoption of DevOps — a software development approach that breaks down traditional barriers between Development and Operations to shorten release cycles and improve business agility. According to a 2016 RightScale survey, 74% of organizations report planning to adopt DevOps — up from 66% [ ]

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    What Does Your CSP Really Know About Cloud Best Practices?

    The cloud is the place to be. Gartner reports that over $1 trillion in IT spending will be affected by the cloud during the next five years, and worldwide spending on public cloud services will grow to $246.8 billion in 2017. Facts like these are why 74% of CFOs say cloud computing will have the [ ]

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    Top 7 goals of Microsoft® Azure cloud migrations

    Finally, the cloud is top-of-mind, and you’re ready to move basic or advanced workloads to the cloud for critical applications that can help to make your organization and your cloud services more efficient, productive and competitive. But you face numerous challenges that keep moving the goalpost — from finding ways to protect your legacy IT [ ]

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    Public Cloud Control: How to Grab It and Where to Go with It

    The use of public cloud platforms is soaring. Many organizations are turning to public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure to manage explosive data growth. They are becoming core components of enterprise networks and in fact: 41% of workloads are run in the public cloud. Azure adoption grew 20% to 34% in 2017. Gartner [ ]

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    4 Steps to GDPR Compliance in the Cloud

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25, 2018. While GDPR is an EU-established protocol, it affects any business worldwide that collects data on EU citizens. Non-European enterprises providing any form of goods or service to European citizens will need to comply with the new mandate. Is your company GDPR-compliant? While you [ ]

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    When Security is Your DR Strategy

    Both Disaster Recovery (DR) and Security/Compliance are critical aspects of your business, but many fail to see how these strategies relate to each other. For example, many security/compliance standards have requirements that speak to the state of the backups you’re running i.e. Are they encrypted? How long are they kept? Beyond this simple example, [ ]

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    A Layered Approach to Ransomware Protection

    The latest string of ransomware attacks, plaguing more than 100 countries worldwide, has many researchers scratching their heads as to exactly how it happened and how it spread so quickly. While the researchers are doing their digging, there’s one thing we do know for sure: there are steps you can be taking right now to limit [ ]

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    Shared Security Model Where Does Your Service Provider Draw the Line?

    FISMA… GLBA… SOX… HIPAA… PCI… If this looks like alphabet soup to you, you’re not alone. Many of our customers don’t know the full scope of the requirements that the government or other regulatory bodies hold them responsible for. It’s easy to get lost with the vast amounts of information and jargon in any compliance [ ]

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    Business IT Alignment Checklist

    Following is a checklist to ensure that you hit the mark as you work through the process of aligning IT with your overall business objectives. 1. Identify business drivers  Assess which business objectives require IT enablement (e.g., new product, acquisition of another company, etc.) 2. Create IT vision  Document the general guidelines or [ ]

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    Define Your IT Objectives in a New Way

    The previous blog entitled Business Alignment Criteria presents six considerations you should collaborate on with your business colleagues before you begin the process of defining your IT objectives. Once the business alignment criteria portion is complete, you are ready to define your IT-specific objectives. Follow the steps and tips below below for guidance. 1. Understand [ ]

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    Business Alignment Criteria 6 Key Areas

    The alignment of business and IT objectives is a rising priority for many forward-thinking CIOs and technology departments. Executives are more interested in conversations about how- IT delivers value to the business and end user than just a technology discussion. Following is a deep dive analysis of six key areas where IT and the business [ ]

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    Moving From a System Focus to a Business Service Focus

    To ensure alignment of business and IT objectives, it’s important that organizations take the essential step of moving from a system focus to a business service focus. To make alignment possible, IT must tie activities and capabilities to something meaningful to the organization and its customers. Having your IT department focused on Agile, ITIL, COBIT [ ]

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