Feb 14 2020

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2gb hosting

Service Reliability and Redundancy For Businesses

Cloud Email

2gb hosting

Cloud Email are specially designed for:

2gb hostingBusinesses who want reliable email hosting only

2gb hostingBusinesses who needs large email space (1GB each)

2gb hostingEmail service with full back up options

2gb hostingFast international network from Singapore

2gb hostingFull email archival option for disaster recovery

2gb hostingSupports IMAP, POP3, SMTP

2gb hostingFully managed service through 24/7 Pro-Active Support

2gb hostingHigh availability and full redundancy

2gb hostingImproved connection for China, Hong Kong and Asia users

2gb hostingOption to monitor incoming and outgoing emails

The Technology Behind HostSG Cloud Email

Load Balancing and High Availability – Many service provider are still loading their customers web site and emails onto a single server, highly prone to down time due to hardware or software maintenance. HostSG Cloud Sites improve redundancy and high availability because all your traffic and resources are spread across large powerful cluster of servers, balancing the load with minimal chance of overloading. Our large server cluster network can easily handle large traffic spike and power over 15,000 customer sites.

24/7 Pro-Active Support

S$10.70 Monthly – 1 Year Payment

S$10.00 Monthly (w/o GST) – 1 Year Payment

S$9.10 Monthly – 2 Years Payment

S$8.50 Monthly (w/o GST) – 2 Years Payment

For more than 80 email users, please contact us for discounted pricing.

* Bold prices are inclusive of Singapore 7% GST (Goods and Service Tax) and only applicable to Singapore customers. Customers outside Singapore are not subjected to GST.

S$2.00 (w/o GST) (12 months), S$1.50 (w/o GST) (24 Months)

S$171.20 per month for 80GB increase

S$2.00 (w/o GST) (12 months), S$1.50 (w/o GST) (24 Months)

2gb hosting

Cloud Email Hosting Frequently Asked Question

Q) How many user accounts does this plan comes with?

A) This plan comes with 5 email accounts. Each account will have minimum 1GB space

A) Yes you can! Additional email user is only S$2/mth for 12 months, or S$1.50/mth for 24 months.

A) No, each account are to have minimum 1GB

A) You can add on as much as your plan space allowed in each block of 1GB (eg, 1GB, 2GB and higher)

A) Yes, please contact us for your special pricing. We will based the discount level on the total number of email users.

Q) What does additional block means?

A) Each additional block means additional user account or space. You can purchase 10 blocks (10GB) and create 5 email users and distribute the remaining 5 blocks among the 5 users (2GB per email user).

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2gb hosting

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