Feb 13 2020

StreamHash – Video Streaming Script, Video Hosting Script, Video Streaming Software, video streaming hosting.

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What is Streamhash ?

The ultimate destination to start any business model in video streaming niche. Be it an on-demand business model like Netflix, video streaming like Youtube or Live Video Streaming like Facebook Live Streamhash provides you a ready-made solution to launch any business related to Video streaming online. Now grab a significant market share worth hundreds of thousands of dollars by replicating successful business models like Netflix, Youtube, Periscope using Streamhash.

StreamView Netflix Clone Script

StreamView is programmed to start subscription based on-demand video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Any business idea with this core concept can be easily developed using StreamView. From admin uploading a video to users making payment to users watching the videos, it’s all automated by a dynamic and responsive admin panel with multiple monetization channels.

Video streaming hosting

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Video streaming hosting

StreamNow Live Streaming

Ever admired watching all the LIVE streaming on Facebook, twitter? Ever imagined how much money is generated out of LIVE streaming Ads ? Live streaming ads alone generate billions of dollars profit every year. Here we have a ready-made turnkey solution with which you can launch your own LIVE streaming solution. Making money out of a LIVE streaming business is not out of reach anymore. Introducing you to StreamNow. To know more about the features and its business flow, Please Click HERE .

StreamTube – Youtube Clone Script

Do you know, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65B back in 2006? And how much they monetize every year since then? Imagine you have all the core features ready-made to start something exactly the same as Youtube or Vimeo. Let your users watch videos, create channels, upload videos and generate easy revenue using Video ads and Banner Ads. To know more about the features and its business flow, Please Click HERE .

Video streaming hosting


Video streaming hosting

Video streaming hosting

Video streaming hosting

Video streaming hosting

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Video streaming hosting

Ahmed Galal

Finally got the easiest way to let my users watch videos and save time. Using this software has got the minimum chances of a Server crash and I am able to let my users watch ample amount of videos without having to lose much of my bandwidth. Was skeptical at the beginning to go with the software as it had to manage more load, but StreamHash turned out to be a surprise I should say

Video streaming hosting

Kristina Chuchulina

Being a video online movie fanatic, I always wanted to launch a software like Netflix and help my friends. Tried many options but nothing worked. Finally reached here. StreamHash has dealt with every problem one can think of and spells out solutions on its website. So happy that now I am able to upload Videos that have remarkable HD quality and help my friends watch it with minimum buffering time. Also, the support that I got directly from StreamHash through Email and phone was so helpful

Video streaming hosting

Mark O Henly

Thanks for this great online video service. Very easy, simple, playback, software to grab videos. Wanted to launch online video streaming but uploading n number of videos consumed a lot of my bandwidth. That is when StreamHash suggested me with Video grabbing technique to just pull videos from external links and stream. Didn t know this feature even existed. Thanks to the team for the idea and I recommend putting 5 stars for the service.

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